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Blue Exorcist #1B by MsGurgi Blue Exorcist #1B :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0
Can You See Me Now Ch. 3 (Draco x OC)
Chapter 3 Draco
    "So you're my escort?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "What of it?" Draco scoffed in response. "Nevermind," I replied shaking my head. "Why the hell do you need an escort anyways?" he asked incredulously. "Honestly Draco, you've heard all the rumors, so I'm guessing you already know why. The question is why did you accept to be me escort?" I countered, not wanting to answer his question. He stared at me in surprise, not even attempting to respond. "What? Does the Great Draco not know how to respond to a simple question," I smirked. "I could say the same thing about you," he smirked. "But that's not what tripped you up, was it?" I asked as we left the hospital wing. "Why do you care," he snapped at me. "I don't," I snapped back, "just answer the damn question!" "Its because everyone calls me Malfoy!" he growled. I blinked in surprise, "really? Well that's stupid." He shrugged and continued to walk beside me, the rest of the day we barely spoke to each other at
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Can You See Me Now Ch. 2 (Draco x OC)
Chapter 2 Self Harm
    All eyes were on me as I walked through the corridors, while I was in class, while I ate in the great hall and while in the dormitory. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I was filth, nothing more than the piece of garbage my father had always proclaimed me to be. After a week of feeling eyes on me at all times, and hearing the whispers, I broke. I did something that I had promised myself that I would never do again, I cut. During my free period I locked myself in a stall, in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and began cutting myself with a knife that I had stolen from Potions class. Snape would probably notice it was gone sooner or later, and hopefully he wouldn't figure out who actually took it. I breathed a sigh of relief, with each cut, I felt more at ease. When I was finished I cleaned out the cuts and bandaged them up. Thankfully I always wore long sleeves, so no one would think anything of me, wearing sweater. Deep down, I wished someone would notice, t
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Mature content
Can You See Me Now Ch. 1 (Draco x OC) :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0
Charlotte Constance Ambrose (OC) by MsGurgi Charlotte Constance Ambrose (OC) :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0 Mother ( by MsGurgi Mother ( :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 1 0 Father ( by MsGurgi Father ( :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0
Can You See Me Now Prelude (Draco x OC)
Prelude: Invisible
    She sat in the back of the class, a nameless Ravenclaw girl, so easily forgotten. She was quiet, shy and always with her guard up, trying her best to disappear. She used her long dark brown hair like a curtain to shield her pale face from the world and everyone in it. She wore baggy clothes to hide her petite figure. She did everything in her power to disappear into the background, to be invisible. She kept to herself and spoke to no one else unless required, thus no one even knew her name, so in a way she was nameless. A nameless face in a crowd of Hogwarts students. But she liked it this way, though much to her dismay, that would soon all change. One day something happened, that made those around her see her for the first time. She became visible.
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Younger Sister ( by MsGurgi Younger Sister ( :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 1 0 Older Sister ( by MsGurgi Older Sister ( :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0 What I Look Like ( by MsGurgi What I Look Like ( :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0 Scribble Eight by MsGurgi Scribble Eight :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0
Mature content
Annika and Killer Croc: Prelude :iconmsgurgi:MsGurgi 0 0
Etsu: Sister of Gaara Chapter 4 Siblings Together
    It was mayhem all around me. Leaf against Sand and another group dressed in odd attire, that I recognized as Sound. What is going on? I thought to myself. I ran full speed in the direction of the woods outside the village. I had always been swift on my feet, faster than everyone else in my class. I'm the fastest on my team and even in the ANBU, so it wasn't long before I caught up with them.
    "Kankuro, Temari!" I yelled, causing them to snap their heads in my direction. "Etsu?! What the hell are you doing here?! You're supposed to be with the Kazekage!" Temari yelled at me. "That wasn't our father," I snapped back. Both of them look taken aback, as well as confused. "What the hell are you talking about?" Kankuro asked scowling. "Our father has never not had anyone watching me until recently, our father crude as he is, is not stupid enough to attack the leaf during the Chuunin exams," I replied scowling. "Are you sure," Kankuro demanded. "I'm more than
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Etsu: Sister of Gaara Chapter 3 The Mayhem Begins
    Gaara had come so far, yet at the same time no where at all. Ever since my uncle was ordered to kill him, Gaara hasn't been the same. He showed no emotion, other than anger. He loved no one but himself. But I knew he was hurting, I could see it, though no one else could. Gaara didn't look like either one of our parents, in actuality, he looked a lot like me. I don't know where I got my looks from, maybe a distant relative. We both stuck out like sore thumb on our family tree, him more so than me.
    I was proud of all three of my siblings, so strong yet so young, but than again, that's the way of the shinobi. I watched from on far, as they passed each and every part of the exams. I was filled with pride at how far they had all come, but I didn't show this, my face remained as stony as ever, a trick I had learned from my father. Though I hated the man with every fiber in my being, he did teach me a lot, and as much as I hated to admit it, I did love him, he is m
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Etsu: Sister of Gaara Chapter 2 Suspicions
    My father being the Kazekage didn't help much with my goal to finally meet my baby brother, Gaara. I was being watched at all times, even when I didn't see them, I could feel their eyes burrowing in to me. This went on for the majority of my childhood. I didn'ttry anythimg, I knew that if I did I would ultimately fail. So I bided my time, training hard, working hard and pushing myself onward. Eventually I became a Juunin and a member of the ANBU Black OPS. But even than I was always being watched. It was until the Chuunin exams that they stopped, but instead of acting upon this opportunity, I grew suspicious and wary, something wasn't right, I just had a feeling. But I needed actual concrete proof before I could act, so I just waited and watched. Another red flag went off in my head when I was told that we would be attacking the Leaf village during the Chuunin exams. This wasn't like my father at all. Ha maybe a monster of a human being, but even he wouldn't make such a r
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Oni by aionlights Oni :iconaionlights:aionlights 393 27 The Grainne - Animated by Smirtouille The Grainne - Animated :iconsmirtouille:Smirtouille 199 10 Treasons by vampirekingdom Treasons :iconvampirekingdom:vampirekingdom 84 17 Calanthe by ellrano Calanthe :iconellrano:ellrano 112 4 gently touching the water by MarcosRodriguez gently touching the water :iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 108 19 Irresistible by little-one-girl Irresistible :iconlittle-one-girl:little-one-girl 316 115
Jasper x Reader | Goodbye for now
         Your morning started off as any other morning would. Waking up, getting out of Jasper's sleeping grasp, and walking into the kitchen to start breakfast. Today would just be a usual lazy day. Or at least you hoped it would be. Ever since Jasper came around everything's been so...confusing. Just trying to put it all together gave you a headache.
         You opened your cabinet and pulled out bread and pancake mix. And just as any other morning, Jasper greeted you with a lazy morning hug. You poured the mix into a pan and turned around to return the gesture.
"Your up early!" You said to her with enthusiasm. For the past two days, Jasper hasn't been herself. You could tell she was still upset about what she did the day before. She hasn't been sleeping well or sleeping too much, the same with eating, even though none of that was mandatory for her, she's been doing it anyway.
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 28 2
Jasper x Reader | We're Good
         As you ran out of the restaurant, you kept Jasper in your hands. Her gem was throwing itself around in your hands and it just made you cry more. Once you got in your car you held Jasper in front of you and watched it bounce in your palm. You placed her gem on the passenger seat in case she came back. You put the key in the ignition and pulled out of the lot and into the street.
         The ride home was depressing. Jasper had made no moment and hadn't came back out. Every ten minutes you glanced over at her to see if she moved. She never did. The rest of the drive home you were sitting on the edge of your seat and wide eyed.
         Once you got to your house, you slammed on the brakes and jumped out out of the car. You ran over to the passenger door, opened it, and grabbed Jasper. You sprinted into your house and into the kitchen and placed
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 37 2
Jasper x Reader | Tears
         You sprinted to the scene with your blade in hand. As you ran, you and Amethyst locked eyes and she glared at you. You shivered at the cold stare she was giving you and looked away, making your way to Jasper.
         You stopped in your tracks when you saw the tall pink gem punch Jasper square in the face. Jasper froze for a moment, touching her nose, most likely to check for damage or cracks. After she checked, she looked back up at Garnet and rammed into her. She threw Garnet to the ground and was pinning her down.
         You ran around to the side of Jasper, keeping a fifteen foot distance from Her. You saw Jasper put both her hands in the middle of Garnets abdomen and began to pull outward. You stared at Garnet as she started to glow a bright white but still trying to fight off Jasper. While glowing, you could see that her visor was no l
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 34 8
Jasper x Reader- Salty
      An hour later you had driven up your long driveway with a replacement door attached to the top of your car similar to the one the brute had damaged. You reached your house and parked in the driveway. You stepped out and unhooked the rope holding the door down.
         Once you had the door off the car you carried it to your front door where you put it down to turn the handle when the door was opened to reveal the female still in your house. You scowled at each other until she reached down and picked up the door next to you with no effort at all. You just stared in awe as she brought it in the house as you followed her. She walked to the hallway and roughly put it down next to your broken doorway. Once she put it down she walked past you continuing to scowl. As she walked you heard her mutter something.
"Um, excuse me, can you repeat that?" You said with a smug expression and tone
She turned and fa
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 41 4
Jasper x Reader- Morning
         You stayed in your room the rest of the day and the night. You went on your laptop multiple times but most of the time you were in and out of sleep. You had just woken up for the millionth time tonight. You reached over to the edge of the bed where your phone was (it would have been on the SIDE TABLE but i guess not. Thanks Jasper) and turned it on. You scowled at your screen because you forgot to turn the brightness down. You fought threw the burning sensation in your eyes and saw the time. Three in the fucking morning.
"Oh boy three am." The sarcasm was heavy in your voice.
         You looked past your phone into the darkness of your room. You noticed two glowing dots and a bright shine between them reflecting the light of your phone. You shined your phone at the source and squeaked and jumped up straight in your bed. Jasper was fucking staring at you. While you slept. In the dark. Wha
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 56 5
Jasper x Reader- Anger
        You turned around fully and faced the tall woman walking towards you. You pressed yourself against the wall until she got about two feet away from you when you juked to the right and began to run towards your door. You were almost to the there when you felt yourself being slammed against your other wall and a hand being pressed against your throat.
         You shut your eyes tight and open one of them slightly so see her towering over you and your heads three inches apart. You opened both your eyes fully and look into her orange eyes with anger and bring your hands up and tried to pry her hand off of you. Your eyes filled with worry as you looked at her. the look she was giving you was threatening enough to kill you alone.
         You brought your right leg up and pushed against her with as much force as you could. The lack of air coming to your throat made
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 46 2
Jasper x Reader- Her
         While walking back to your house you glanced back multiple times at the wreckage behind you. You thought maybe it could have been a meteorite but shot that thought down. Wouldn't there be bits and pieces of it everywhere? You looked back one last time before deciding not to worry about it.
         You brought your hand up and looked at the gem in your hand. You rubbed your thumb against one on its sides. It was a gorgeous shade of orange and shined in the sunlight. Slightly dusty from being in....whatever happened back there. You wipe the gem clean with your shirt and put it in your pocket.
         Once you got out of the tall grass field you wipe the debris off your shorts and sighed. You refused to let whatever was back there get to your head. You pull your phone out of your pocket and look at the time. 7:48am
:iconmaxie-maguma:Maxie-Maguma 48 11
Jasper x Reader- My Housemate the Gem
You groaned and began to pull off the three dozen posters advertising Ronaldo’s blog that decorated your shop windows. Sure, you loved your crazy best friend (who still acted like a child besides being sixteen), but you had never given him permission to break into your shop in the middle of the night and put posters everywhere. Damn his crazy obsession with weird and wonderful paranormal activities. You thought he would finally give up his addiction when he discovered that everything weird that happened in Beach City was due to the Crystal Gems but noooooooo. He got even MORE addicted.
“I get he enjoys learning and discovering about the gems but does he have to destroy every one of my window displays with posters?” You groaned and pulled the remaining few posters off, stacking them in a neat pile on your counter with the blue-tac in a clump to the side. Maybe if you left one of his fliers on your notice board, maybe Ronaldo
:iconmiss-fluff-queen:Miss-Fluff-Queen 266 66
Navigator by JohnoftheNorth Navigator :iconjohnofthenorth:JohnoftheNorth 161 3
Everything's Alright (Draco x Reader) (REQUEST)
The sound of boiling cauldrons and knives slicing ingredients filled the room as students chattered happily with their neighbors. It was one of those rare days in which Professor Snape allowed us to choose our own partners for brewing potions and everyone was ecstatic. The dark dungeon seemed to hum with energy, the lights casting a warm glow over what was usually a cold echoing dungeon. Everyone was cheerful. Everyone, that was, except for my partner and I.
Draco and I stood in silence as we moved through our work; the only sounds coming from him were the steady sounds of his breathing and him crushing ingredients into the pot. I was offering him the same treatment, the tension between us stronger than rope made out of steel. Even though we were technically dating each other, we acted as though we barely knew one another. It wasn’t just today that he’d been acting like that. It had been for the past four months.
It was December now, and his silence and tense behavior had b
:iconemyxbunnie:emyxbunnie 275 23



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